Our Story

INFOMOTION, a story of underlining innovation and evolution

We are the idea of our projects,
The mind of the machines we design,
the human side of industrial automation

In the new 4000 square meter production facility, the Mechanical Division has been inaugurated, complementing the existing Electrical Division.
This new department enhances the services we offer by performing the assembly and mechanical completion of industrial systems.
Inauguration of the new Infomotion operational headquarters just a few meters from the historic site, still in Campogalliano (MO).
2010 - 2020
In 10 years, we have grown from 20 employees to 85:
5 employees in administration,
5 in electrical CAD design,
20 in the production department,
55 in software programming.

Additionally, the first production unit dedicated to the assembly and construction of electrical panels has been established.

We celebrate 30 years of activity!

We reach the milestone of 100 people.

Additionally, the new Infomotion production department is inaugurated: 4000 square meters divided into three sections. New, larger, and more innovative spaces, in line with the new company needs.
INFOMOTION INC was established in a constantly evolving market, thanks to Andrea Benuzzi, son of Alberto, who ventured to America to found a branch in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The new headquarters has proven to be up to the task, meeting the needs and demands of American clients through the combined experience of the Italian team and the new American staff.
Alberto Benuzzi founded Infomotion, originally established as a software house, where production focused primarily on software for industrial automation.
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