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In 30 years of operation, we have specialized in designing electrical diagrams, manufacturing electrical panels, control cabinets, and onboard machine systems for the industrial automation sector.

Our designers, installers, and testers stay updated to program and install state-of-the-art systems continually.

We develop designs using EPLAN P8 and SPAC, optimizing the entire automation process.

Both planning and implementation of our electrical panel wiring comply with international standards. Meeting regulatory requirements such as IEC and, for the North American market, UL/CSA, is crucial for us as we serve major manufacturers of automated machinery.

Industrial electrical panels for automation

Always attentive to the smallest detail, we produce industrial electrical panels for machinery and automated systems, maintaining the highest standards of specialization in the following sectors.

We work closely with our clients and partners to identify the most suitable control solution for their needs. Years of experience have enabled us to develop a consolidated and reliable process. Our design and production of electrical systems are continuously monitored and updated to comply with the latest standards and methodologies.


The cornerstone of our process is undoubtedly the design phase. Our service involves designing plant hardware, which includes developing electrical diagrams in compliance with current regulations. During the design phase, we meticulously follow the specifications outlined by the end client. Alternatively, we select hardware made with the latest technologies, the result of continuous market research, to identify increasingly high-performance and cutting-edge components.


We have the capability to procure all the hardware components identified during the design phase, sourcing from our network of suppliers as well as directly from manufacturers. We maintain longstanding direct purchasing access with various manufacturers, ensuring efficient procurement of required components.


Once the design phase is complete, we proceed with the actual construction of the panels. This process begins with assembly and continues with the wiring of components necessary for the proper functioning of the entire system.

The construction and all wiring are carried out in accordance with IEC standards and, for the North American market, UL/CSA standards.


At this stage, we manage the installation of systems onboard machines, as well as the wiring of entire production lines. This involves laying and subsequently wiring cables from the control panel to individual sensors or actuators positioned at the “machine-side”. At Infomotion, we handle every detail up to final functional testing.


Upon completion of installation, the entire system undergoes final testing. This task is carried out by our specialized technicians, who provide the client with a detailed report on the tests performed. Additionally, at the client’s direction, periodic testing can also be conducted with the final product.


At the end of the production process, documentation is provided alongside the electrical panel for machine automation, which includes

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