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We use the know-how acquired during our many years of experience, in implementing projects in various sectors of industrial automation and cutting-edge tools to keep up with market demands.

Thanks to this, our technicians are expert consultants able to study solutions to meet complet projects, responding to the main industry regulations, among which we mention: the international and national standards IEC-ISO and the American standard regulations for UL508A control panels.

The electrical design, in informotion, uses the main ECAD tools to design, size and draw the wiring diagram, including SPAC Automazione and, in particular, the EPLAN platform, which we master in all its features, to name a few:

  • EPLAN Electric, used for the complete design of an electrical diagram, and to offer solutions and projects that integrate easily with other areas of industrial automation;
  • EPLAN ProPanel, thanks to which we are able to create 3D prototypes, corresponding to what will be realized in our production department;
  • EPLAN Fluid, and engineering tool designed to integrate the pneumatic part of our automated systems into electrical projects, where necessary.  

In addition, we use other means necessary to complete the design process, including:

  • Autocad, for the management of  2D layouts;
  • Creo, to detect directly in 3D the functionality of the machines on which to perform electrical engineering.

Finally, in support of our projects, Excel spreadsheets complete with preparatory data for the design are delivered.

Our electrical department is structured in such a way as to follow the needs of customers at 360°, proceeding according to specific stages:


Preliminary study of the project


Focus on wiring diagram planning


Sizing of lines and electrical components


Complete dimensional layouts project of the control panels and systems present


Electrical study of machine safety alongside our costumers, in order to design in compliance with current regulations.

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